10 types of annoying species in Facebook


First published on Jammag.com


1.Diehard fans of SRK and Salman khan who keep on arguing who is best which turns out into a profanity battle cursing all the members of the other’s family

2. Desperate guys who befriend every girl profile without even finding whether if it is fake profile or not

3. Punctual Roosters who upload Good Morning, Good Night pictures everyday and add this caption “have a good day frnz” “have a happy sleep frnz”

4. Attention seeker who tag 49 peoples to his profile picture. They like their own dp and post.

5. Rivals of attention seekers, Brutally sarcastic men who always ruin your post with their heavy dose of sarcasm

6. Newbie facebook users who comment on every picture that says “hit like, Comment 3 and see what happens”

7. Patriots who salute our soldiers by liking their pictures (1 like = 1 salute) and those who can cure any disease by commenting “amen”

8. Forever alone guys who always post pictures saying “I hate girls” “mr.lonely” “broken heart”

9. Grammar Nazis, the great grandsons of Wren and martin who earn hate by correcting others’ grammar rudely. Their favourite phrase is “R.I.P ENGLISH”

10. The Most common people who invent 10 types of spelling to the word “awesome”. TH3y hAvE a Pr0bl3m wiT TheiR KeyBoaRd ThAt eVeRy w0rd bY tH3m l00ks liKe thi&

First published on Jammag.com


Why do we need 5 new IITs and IIMs?


#WTF 5 new IITs and IIMs to be set up soon

why dont you just concentrate on taking back the accreditions given to sub/low standard colleges/Universities?

Not all the engg graduates are employed these days!

What might happen!?

*More coaching centres that can brag about their IIT and IIM calls without giving a damn about numbers!? Because all we care about is a degree from IIT.so why worry about quality? They will go abroad anyway for doing MS!

*An IITian/ IIMian -> These tags are not seen as sign of quality education. It is now a status symbol!  You can demand more Dowry!

*Govt of India will soon have to introduce “Assurance of the Employment of Engineers act” supporting the students in placements!

*More wanna be Chetan baghats, who would keep writing about desparate engineers and their lust.

*Rupa Publications is going to partner with IITs. People would eventually forget the real Writers like RK Narayan, Arundhati roy, Salman Rushdie. Salman Rushdie? who is he? The old chap with a french beard who made a cameo in that hollywood movie, right?

Do We the Indians still have to believe in engineers? What about Arts? Teaching? Agriculture?


Teenage! Why it is great and why it Sucks


1. 1.No matter how loyal you are to your girlfriend you will lose her due to unavoidable reasons. So make her happy as much as you can. Don’t just buy her the best chocolate. Give her your best security and care. You will have some good memories to cherish in your future

2. 2.You are not going to be in touch with all of your friends. Your friends circle is going to shrink to 3 to 4 people who are very much closer to you. Socialize well. But develop a good bond with very few. They are going to be your lifelong friends.

3. 3.Even if you become a best student/class topper/best employee or whatever you are going to regret for the things you did/didn’t try. So why waste your college life in pleasing others? Play that silly prank with your mates! Date with your crush! Bunk the class you hate

4. 4.You are going to be solely responsible for any decisions you make even if it is based on others’ suggestion. Never ask for suggestions from others, So that you don’t have to blame others even if you fail.

5. 5.The very important part is that you are going to face lot of questions from a stranger to neighbor “what are you going to do? Why dont you get a job? Why are you learning that? Why aren’t you married yet? What is your salary?” You don’t have to find answers for all these questions. Just learn to face them.

Never speculate your life with your current situation. Certain things take time even if are the best student of destiny. Life has its own conspiracies. Keep calm and wait move your ass off.

10 reasons why you couldn’t land a job after Engineering


1. The first and foremost reason why couldn’t you get a job is that engineering is not your cup of tea. You took engineering like every typical Indian teenager, build expectation while graduating and regret a lot in the end.

2. You are just another engineering graduate. Not an Engineer. You hate to admit that you even lack fundamentals of your niche

3. You never have gone through a self Analysis. You never asked yourself about what you want to be or what you like to do. You forget to find your passion for the sake of comforting others including your parents

4. You are more concerned about the salary than your job designation which may help you for a while but you will regret that either. Did you ever ask yourself a question “Am I eligible for the salary that I expect from an employer?” Try to have a vision about your career instead of calculating the pay you get. You may suffer for a while but you will be in a place where you always wanted to.

5. You are hesitant to come out of your comfort zone. You are not trying to set your mind that you are going to work and that you are not kid anymore.

6. You don’t know about the industrial requirements. You keep on mugging up those aptitude formulas from RS Aggarwal. Just google the recent trends in your field

7. Since you are just out of your college you not only expect too much, you want instant results irrespective of the efforts you give in. Time will answer you this.

8. Either you are a college topper or a backlogger you have lot of options to do after engineering, that confuses you in picking up the right choice

9. You have found what your heart craves for. But you are afraid of pursuing your passion. You want to be safe than to be happy. Read it twice.

10. Last but not the least, you are aware of all the above reasons yet you never tried to change yourself.


16 things we hate about Maharaja Institute of Technology


1.You walk in to the campus
wondering about the building blocks
and then you realize that there are
two colleges in the same campus.
Arts as well as Engineering.

2. No matter where you stand inside
you can see all of the blocks in a
single short panorama view that the
college is very small in area.


3.The same computer lab can act as
5 different labs of different
departments depending on the

4.You have to pay tuition fee twice
the fee as per university norms. The
irony is that you have to pay for
local conveyance even if you are in
hostel. You have to pay 4000bucks
every year for books whose actual
worth is less than 1000 bucks

5.The faculty would pull off your
pants if you wear them in low waist.
And you have to control your urge to
express your anger.

6. If you need ON DUTY for attending
conferences, workshops or cultural
fests you shouldn’t have backlogs.
You shouldn’t have backlogs to
attend motivational seminars that
take place inside your college. In
the future they will expect the same
even for using the restroom. Damn.

7.No matter how disciplined you are,
if you are a keralite you won’t have
proper response from faculty. And
you would be stamped as ‘abnormal,

8.The seniors who had just
completed their degree will become
your faculty during the time of
auditing from University

9. The website for the college shows
no update and you can see that the
latest update was “placement record
in 2013”. They said “site under
construction” for nearly 1 year.

10.A library with 50 copies of useless
fresh maths book and 1 or 2 copies
of core related books

11.Embarassment is when someone
mistakenly acknowledges your
college as Madras Institute of
Technology and you have to correct
them sheepishly as “no bro, its
Maharaja Institute of Technology”

12. You are not allowed to get
sponsors during so called fests and
god knows why.

13. They take lot of measures to
elevate the standard of the
institution. But they eventually
frustrate the students

14.The big deal is Persuading your
faculty to get your records signed in
the last hour

15.You have to pay 500 bucks for your
graduation but they end the
celebration by offering you a cup of

16. Last But not the least “you never
ever should shout/whistle/encourage
your fellow friends during culturals”


A proud(!) MITian




It is usual to whine about our college while writing our last semester exams for not providing the so called exposure, Experienced faculty and placement assistance which they bragged about in their advertisements before. Even I thought the same while writing “Life of a student in a 3rd tier engineering college”. Let us see the other way around



Yes. We should agree that most of the start-ups are simulated in the minds of college drop outs as well as those who did their graduation in a low profiled college. It took years for Satya Nadella and Rajiv Suri to take the position of C.E.O in MNCs such as Microsoft and Nokia while most of the Indians took very few years to found their own start up


Those who had graduated from a reputed college and are working in an MNC might be safe in their current status. But did they follow their dream or passion? No!! They would regret their choice in a matter of few years. They just did what they are told to do. Studied what they are told to do just for the sake of getting placed in a company. But in a low profiled college, You get no exposure, you flunk. Yet you have the burning desire to achieve what you yearn. This will kindle you to follow your path. The more you are hungry the more you consume.


Students from a not-so-famous college know the real value of exposure and education which they had been missing all those years than those who enjoy/waste it. It also helps in encouraging them to work hard to do their post graduation effectively. In addition it is hard to manage peer pressure which is predominant in reputed colleges while doing under graduation.